Street vendors en route to Koforidua

On the day we went into Kokrobrite from Wli Falls, we had a late lunch
and we spent a while in traffic near Accra. Our stomachs were rumbling
and while there are no drive-thru food places in Ghana (at least, not
that I’m aware of) there are always vendors outside on the streets with
an assortment of goodies like plantain chips, fan ice (ice cream),
donuts, oranges, bananas, bread, pineapple, chocolate, peanuts and
street meat, all of which are 50 pesowas (50 cents) or under.

If you would like something, it’s a really fast transaction. You have to
have your money ready and the vendor runs up to your window, you quickly
state what you want, they grab it and you swap. There were a few
occasions when the tro-tro we were in had to start driving away before
the vendor could pick out what we were looking for. That night, we ate
dinner inside the tro-tro and while they were likely not the most
nutritious things we could have eaten, they were quite possibly the most
delicious given the circumstances.

In the picture above, in addition to food being sold on the streets,
there are an assortment of other things that are available including
sponges, phone cards, super clue, pink rubber boots, hangers, shirts,
pants, shoelaces, jumper cables, the complete works of Shakespeare, and
business suits.

2 Responses to “Street vendors en route to Koforidua”

  1. Laura Says:

    did you buy a complete work of Shakespeare?

  2. Jason Says:

    Haha, I already have a copy back home. 🙂