New Shoes

I’ve acquired the nickname "new shoes" during my time here in Ghana
because of my misfortune with footwear. I brought a pair of ratty
sandals to Ghana which disintegrated soon after my arrival and I met the
man above in the streets of Accra. When I asked him for the price of a
pair of flip-flops he told me 100 cedis (100 CAD), which is absolutely
ridiculous. Nat, who was with me, said 2 cedis, and then the man went to
90, then 80, then 70 and when I could do 5 cedis, he accepted without
any hesitation. I realized that I should have taken Nat’s advice and
stuck hard to 2 cedis, because that’s what they were probably worth, as
they broke about a week later when we were in Koforidua.

I picked up another pair of sandals in Cape Coast and I watched Mai work
her haggling skills. She combined my sandals with a couple purchases of
her own and proceeded to slowly work the price down and then walking
away, at which point the shopkeeper accepted her final price. Hopefully
these shoes will last me a while.

For my own future reference:
100 pesowas = 1 cedi = 1 Canadian dollar
Bag of water – 5 pesowas
Beer – 1.50-2 cedis
Flip-flops – 2-3 cedis
Fanta – 50 pesowas
Fan Ice (ice cream) – 30 pesowas

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