Ghana time

When I stopped wearing a watch years ago, my life became more relaxed.
No more furtive glances at my wrist as I went about my daily life… for
a little while. I soon realized that my cell phone had a clock and I
simply began checking that instead. And the clock on the bottom right
hand corner of the computer screen.

Since arriving in Ghana, my perception of time has changed. There are
less minutes and more moments; time is paradoxically fast and slow. When
will the food be ready? When it is ready. When will someone be arriving?
When they arrive. Where will I be going for the next two weeks? Wherever
I end up.

Finer details on the past week will have to wait until a future post.
The workshop in Takoradi went well and I just returned from a weekend in
paradise near Axim. Everyone else has flown back home and I’m in Accra
for a few days doing some writing before doing some more exploring. I
realized last night how much I missed everyone’s company upon having my
first meal alone in a month.

4 Responses to “Ghana time”

  1. Becky Says:

    Jason… you’re on AFRICAN Time! 😉

  2. Laura Says:

    JASON! We miss you too!

    So so so so glad that you’re taking the ‘time’ (ha!) to enjoy yourself there. It reads like you are having an amazing, re-centring/balancing and life-changing experience there and that you’re really taking the all of the great moments in. I can’t WAIT to hear all of your stories when you come back! In the meantime, enjoy enjoy enjoy.

  3. Cliff Says:

    I like the new relaxed attitude.. how very Californian of you. haha.. After a month of late nights and tight deadlines I’m ready to go back to that lifestyle. We should become vagabonds!!

  4. Katie Says:

    Wow – I love this picture!! It sure looks like fun!