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From Accra to Amsterdam to Copenhagen

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I spent my last weekend in Ghana visiting Mole National Park with Will and Florin, two fellow Canadians who are working in Kumasi. Mole was great fun and we met plenty of other travelers during our travels. Sleeping on the roof of the Salia Brothers Guesthouse in Larabanga and waking up at 4 am to the call to prayer will certainly be a memorable moment from Ghana. My bus from Kumasi to Accra was a few hours late, but I was still able to thankfully catch my plane. I had an interesting time convincing officials that the Fan Ice (ice cream) I had in my bag was in fact, not a liquid, but a solid, because of its frozen state. Surprisingly, I was able to get it through the x-ray and onto the plane.

It was difficult leaving Ghana and I felt this quite acutely upon arriving in Amsterdam. I had moved from a place that had began to feel familiar to one that felt quite foreign to me. I found myself beginning to say Mede Ase, Twi for thank you, to people, and realizing that I was no longer in Ghana.

My first 24 hours in Amsterdam were quite difficult as my stomach rebelled, I assume because it was trying to cope with a European diet. I spent most of the day lying down and hoping that it would all go away. I was not too upset that I did not have time to explore Amsterdam in more detail because I will be returning to the city before leaving for Canada.

Originally, I had not planned on stopping in Copenhagen, but Nat had mentioned that it was quite nice so I shifted my schedule a bit and I am glad I did. I am totally digging the city and I spent my day just walking around, getting hopelessly lost in the city and just looking for subtle signs from the universe to direct me. It seems to have worked out pretty well.

Tomorrow will either find me exploring Copenhagen in more detail, or traveling to Malmo, Sweden to meet up with a friend. On Sunday, it is off to Stockholm to meet up with Nat and then onwards with more adventuring!